A new local maxima

Semi-obstructed Sunset & Richmond

I went on what I intended to be a brief walk this afternoon. I had read SFC’s post about the missle control room up on Mt. Sutro and, having tried and failed to find my way up there before decided to give it another go. I started up Farnsworth, up through a UCSF parking lot curiously perched above the medical campus. I ran out of safe walking space (Medical Center Way is all blind curves) but found a trail on the other side of the road and just kept taking any fork that led upwards, thinking that would eventually get me to the tower. A few observations about this little hike; first, this trail is built on a slope of such steepness that slipping would lead to an unpleasant fate. Second, the wind roaring through the trees up there provided a natural soundtrack somewhere on par with what you’d find inside a train yard. It was loud.

Up vine

These massive trees twisting in the wind also make a second sound eerily similar to a creaking door being opened by a mass murderer giving the mountainside a definite blair witchy vibe. Third, it’s just unbelievable to me that an isolated and undeveloped area this awesome is so friggin close to where I work inside this city. It’s mentally incongruous, the sharpness of the nature/urban transposition. When I ran out of upward ground I found I wasn’t able get to the tower itself as I was on the wrong local maxima, but at the very top was an entirely pleasant and completely non-inhabited meadow/garden thing run by the Rotary Club. I don’t have trailguru or anything but the route ended up being something like this. Each of those lines is 40 feet of elevation.
little map
All in all, an extremely pleasant little coffee break.

3 thoughts on “A new local maxima”

  1. You saw the hut at Behr and Johnstone, right?

    Anyway, hut hunters should go to that UCSFhousing area and walk up the road – it’ll be on the right side. It’s just a hut, maybe for a guard, back in the day.

    If this were the launch area, there’d still be underground rooms. As it stands there’s probably just pads for radomes and stuff under the dirt. A metal detector might find something up there…

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