Last Run

6.2 mi

00:52 /08:25 pace

My only run of the week. Had some lingering foot pain while walking after last weekend's half and I'm trying to let that heal. Pain free... posted yesterday

Week Miles
0 mi
2014 Miles
973 mi
Total Miles
6150 mi


A saturday swarm

Feather marker

over the tour de francegiant gundamfox news eugenics correspondent, brian kilmeadehilter on michael jacksona little rain in MApalin’s presspredicting SSNsmy dad on prop 8iphone stabilizerdramatic image of a shark eating a babycabbage patch kids almost ready for a comebackhumanizing foreclosuresila and the afrofunk experience

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Winter’s warmth waning?

Return to the winter wonderland

It’s friggin cold here. I took Monday & Tuesday off post-marathon so have got sparse links from this week.

socialized firefightingthe emporer’s new iphonemike white whining. gimme meg or jack.x-men hit allstoni’m ALMOST tired of this wedding video.twilight makes me sleepyno london in 2010office statusthe LiDo’s meat munchclaymationpretty panda breadbirthers are not fringe anymorehandy rabbishitty citicommodification and coercion

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It’s war man.

Trapped in the car

Greatest weekly hits from my non-hevelonian, non-allston city limits, non-quasify tumblr feed.

who is insane? Dean Karnazes that’s who.from the great tokyo camera stylePlug1 finds extraterrestrialsJenny has happy blueberriesI heart naps, and verlyn klinkenborg keyboard cat vs three wolf moongo go proteinget your jamba protest ontrey ratcliff from yellowstoneeclipse vs japaneclipse vs my produce sectiondave grohlledThe CDC goes URL crazyon ‘we charge genocide’oakland’s pot tax!Lady V working on her hand to hand merit badgeDistrict 9now I want to see 2012

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mrawS sdrawkcaB


Still feeling kind of backwards. This week I redesigned my tumblr page. And by redesigned I mean I swapped out my slightly modified theme for a different non-modified theme, but still, it’s a vast improvement with no more css overlap issues.

my new ACL post on shepard faireywe’re broke. hope you have enjoyed having had a job here!our hearts may never grow fonderh.i. invades allstonteach a baby niece to fish…perry mason theme songsotomayor vs usher (but not that usher)capuano doesn’t know if he supports obama’s health planjane austen’s sea monstersthis sleeping bag smellstotally possible bubble popbreakfast of championssolicitation purrsthe california IOU currencysalad dressing are actually pretty trickycommercial of the weekhondo’s tall ship set

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Swarmin’ the cliffs of despair

Disregarding safety regulations

Short and sweet, selected excerpts from my tumblr page this week.

hellbertthe beastie boys as time travelersin chicago, 103 stories up…manipulating gators with hotdogsThe Boulevard of Broken Limbsroller babies!give me cooookie nowaliens like chili toothe best michael jackson tribute photo i’ve seenPETA girls in bikiniswikipedians are grouchy? do tell.great meat trumps mayoral meet & greetthe rolling stones selling rice krispiessmhb in nycthe uber-cuteness of whack-a-kitty

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Last swarm of the hemiyear.

View from my window

amelia looks greatstep one is admitting you have a problem. there is no step voice is rolling outelephant frogsa year of ice creamjerri nielsen fitzgeraldjunko squadI’m really liking hollywood bass playerPlug1 finds the superbratsmy sadly outdated keiko tagno more herrell’sbeware the evil eyethis week in public commentRAVE reviews for the new transformers…fake steve jobs is back!LSU hooks UTa HEY post that has nothing to do with the pixieseQuake add-onlittle lost (sea)lionwithout commentthat is not a bongprecious clippingsthe definitive guide to asian posesbaby niece sleepoverthe chipmunks rememberthe economics of ghostbusting

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Welcome to the new iSwarm 3GS

Good morning

The S is for sexy sexy.

almost puppy party time!!Some Friday afternoon tearjerking courtesy of Pixarassessing apple store lines downtowninteractive flash video at selfcontrol freaktalkin’ dogzdownside, mowingwake and mental bakeI’m on firedoglake!and FBCA…Aquaporcinehomeless simssad about sammyon berlusconiwhen typeface geeks get hitchedcrabby

2 Responses to “Welcome to the new iSwarm 3GS”

  1. Hondo says:

    I don’t really understand tumblr… can you explain?

  2. nathanael says:

    It’s not really functionally any different than blogspot or wordpress. But in practice it’s more aimed at arty link blogging & reblogging rather than original discourse.

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Denver swarm-style omelette

My limo

Apparently when I’m away from my desk all week my shared items are few and far between. YET WE SWARM AHEAD!

Krispy Kreme Homer Go-nutsBus cuts for the RichmondYglesias sez Obama sez GawandeiPhonBRUNOAllston improvementsol’ people saw papi dingmore on Egri Bikaverdolly pardon on the scooper bowl

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Is warm today!

Pink cascade

I overshare on google reader, I know. But it makes me happy, so what are you going to do? I’m in no way offended if you block me, particularly if you check back here for friday recaps.

driving west for bonus sunlightzenyx has too many veggiesthe fall of the crunchberrygiving voice to george tiller’s legacypaul souders in hartfordvideo of the week winner: time lapse milky waydelicious and nutritious cookie salad415 texts from last nightwishful thinking from flowing dataRIP david carradineWe All Scream on the Scooper Bowlthe awesomeness of manhattanhengeTaste of AllstonI’m loving the new NYT Lens on photographing tiananmendeerhoof sessionson the distracted agewatch alohamoratom brady is into livable streets!bird batha less than charitable view on neonatal surgeonsbunkosquad, trapped by the MBTAYglesias, against giving to HarvardVOTW runner up: life flashes quickly

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Lies, warmth


A quick note of advice for people who might be coming to “warm” “summertime” San Francisco for either HBM or the marathon. Bring a friggin coat. A hat. Some extra layers. Tall wool socks. Pemmican for emergency sustenance. Also snow shoes, cross country skies or a tauntaun.

You should definitely listen to the machadaynu remix. A few dozen times.Swimming Cities of SerenissimaOn Sam RaimiNotwithstanding BPD/Zombie alliancePublished is nice. Read, nicer yet.U is for UgnaughtNEW IPHONE IS COMINGBoston T Party this SundaySpain’s AVE irks the BasqueBleeding heart politicsSotomayor vs Miers vs Alitorelatedly, historical judicial unanimity I’m deleting one social networking tool every week.Cheese!Transcience sucks

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