Dirty paws and a furry coat, she ran down the forest slope.


We’re getting into the brutal heat part of summer and that makes everything running related more difficult. I also don’t have a race for the next month so my motivation Salel, Sambu, Desisa is somewhat lagging. I managed to get my goal of 40 miles in this week but just barely, finishing up with a hard run from Bedford home tonight. Fortunately it’s still light late and the lingering heat after 6pm isn’t as bad without direct sun.

More melancholy – I didn’t run the BAA 10K this morning. It was the 3rd annual, and the first I’ve missed. I walked down to the course & took some photos though, which was fun in it’s own way. That’s the winner there in the middle, Stephen Sambu, with the black shirt with green side panels.

My next scheduled race, such as it is, is a half-marathon at the Narragansett Summer Running Festival in late July. Bison vs MazdaEven with an 8:30am start I expect it’ll be roasting temps, and unless by some miracle it’s raining don’t plan to run a particularly fast time. The Mad Marathon is in two weeks as well – I went up last year and registered the morning of and ran a terribly slow race on the hot, hilly course. I’m almost entirely sure I won’t do that again this year. Almost.

Last thing to mention. Today is the last day of the first week of an 18 week cycle for the Columbus Marathon which I’ll be running on 10/20. It’s a long way off and I don’t tend to think of things that sort of time frame anymore but I mention it because Mikey is running it with me, and I want to, if he’s reading this, both encourage him and hold him accountable the best way I possibly can, while not being a jerk about it. I know it’s a tough slog, getting ready for an distance like this, particularly the first time through. I very much think he’ll be able to do it, he is strong like bull. Just please know that you have my support.

Song of the week, inspired by YJP’s awesome mid-year 13 in ’13 update, Of Monsters and Men’s Dirty Paws. I don’t see an official video for this but the audio mix on the live in studio version was terrible, so here you go, go ahead and watch somebody’s cat’s paws on this guy.

One thought on “Dirty paws and a furry coat, she ran down the forest slope.”

  1. Go Mikey, go!! Nan’s a pretty good guy to train and run with, at least he is when he remembers to wait for you at the finish!!! (JK!) I’m training for a full in November, we can all three get through this together. Good luck!

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