Drifting like a fire

I brought my mileage back up this week after some downtime last. The most substantial run of the week was 8 miles with some TARC folks at the Fells Saturday morning as a way of starting to prepare for my next race. I started the run with aspirations of doing two laps of the Skyline Trail for something closer to 15/16 miles but two miles in I knocked the contact lens out of my left eye (how, I’m not sure exactly). It turns out it’s very difficult to run trails with one eye in focus and one eye very much out of focus. I tried closing the bad eye but that just made things worse, killing my depth perception. I was also glad to have stopped when I realized I had quickly developed three blisters on my left foot – perhaps new socks or badly tied shoes, I’m not sure. Fortunately with the shorter run I was able to deal with them before they got ugly.

The most exciting running news of the week wasn’t my own but rather YJP’s latest marathon down in Savannah. I know she’d rather I not mention her time but regardless, it was a strong PR and I’m very proud of her. Plus she now has a state I don’t! Until March 23rd, anyway. :)


Song of the week, Moth’s Wings by Passion Pit.

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