Last Run

6.8 mi

01:00 /08:48 pace

Finishing out the weekend with a few easy miles on the river to push this weekend's total over 26.2 for my own private Boston Marathon.... posted 11 hours ago

Week Miles
42 mi
2014 Miles
649 mi
Total Miles
5826 mi


Eben the Osprey

Last summer I ran this little trail race up in Beverly and somehow got myself signed up on the Essex County Greenbelt mailing list. Which is how I learned that this is their newest Osprey, Eben. There will be an Osprey-Cam(!) going live on their site this April.
Eben the Osprey
Also from their site, some more bad news regarding this weekend’s plans: Sled Dog Races Canceled. This is the second year in a row this hasn’t worked out, which sucks. It was a highlight of my January in 2011.

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