Fall flights of fancy

Hi from AustinBack in February of 2013 YJP & I went down to Texas for the Livestrong Austin Marathon. We had fun, a good time, ran a few miles, drank a couple beers, had some tacos. I’m always happy for an excuse to go to Austin. The one problem with getting to Austin is there’s no direct flight from Boston, and the tickets are a little pricey – I think I paid something like $290 for that flight. More than I would have liked to, but justifiable as we crashed with some friends instead of springing for a hotel. All in all it seemed worth that much to get my Texas marathon in and spend a warm weekend out of the New England winter.

On the way home from that trip YJP & I went to the airport four hours early, as her flight was scheduled at some stupid early time. coastlineI tried to get on a number of earlier flights out but couldn’t, as everything was oversold. By the time my flight came around, I had decided if they asked for volunteers I’d take the bump. They did, I did, and that’s how I ended up with a $400 flight voucher. The best part was they put me on a shuttle from Austin to Houston (a fairly interesting drive in and of itself) and I ended up catching the exact same connection home anyway.

I’m remembering this this week as I’ve just finished booking travel to three of my four October marathons (Chicago, Columbus and Marine Corps). I’ll be flying into Chicago, kicking around the Upper Midwest for a week until crashing with Mikey in Columbus, flying back home, then back on a plane to DC the following weekend. All of this on United’s dime. So thanks for that! That brings my per-marathon flight average for these four races down to $72.50. I even have another $19.40 worth of credit to go! :)

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  1. When I started reading this I really thought you were going to say that you were going back to Austin. For the record, no ones allowed to go to Austin without at least giving me a chance to go with them!

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