Fall planning

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It’s quite premature, yes, but I’m already planning ahead for Rocktober III (note: please see the results of I and II). Come October 5th I’m confirmed for the New Hampshire Marathon, a make-up race for last year’s New England Double that I dropped out of after spraining my ankle. October 12th is Hartford, October 13th is Chicago – I’m planning to do one of these two (but not both – will have to decide when Chicago registration opens at the end of next month). October 20th is confirmed for Columbus, which I’ll be running with Mike. October 27th would, in theory, be my 4th in one month. I’ve not tried to do that before, but am aware that the Marine Corps Marathon is a) on that day, b) drivable from Baltimore and c) counts as a Virginia race for the 50 state plan. Should I feel super adventurous I could (in theory) dump the Marine Corps and pick up Indianapolis on the 19th, as my rental car & I will be in the general area anyway. I’m hesitant to try a double weekend as I got all psyched up about it last year only to have things come apart.

The short of this is – doing a batch of back-to-back races like this means the later ones will not be particularly fast, especially given the first one is quite hilly. So if I’m looking for a PR at this distance in 2013, it would either have to be in Nashville at the Country Music Marathon on April 27th or at the second October race (either Hartford or Chicago), after taking New Hampshire easy. Unsure.

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