Last Run

4.3 mi

00:37 /08:30 pace

Week Miles
4 mi
2014 Miles
1077 mi
Total Miles
6254 mi


It’s been a long day.

It's been a long day.

This photo pretty much sums up today, the last week for me.

So many things I’ve been meaning to finish that I can’t pull it together to get done.

I’m sorry if I haven’t returned your call or email. It’s not you – I haven’t called anyone back.

Vague objectives for 2012:

  • Act purposefully.
  • Take initiative for positive change.
  • Follow through, finish what you start.
  • Faster, move lightly.
  • Find professional satisfaction, whatever the means.
  • Simplify.

Specific resolutions for 2012:

  • Be a better uncle. Be mentally present.
  • Six times 26.2.
  • One road race every month.
  • PR in a half & full.
  • Ragnar.
  • More reading, less TV.
  • Meet or exceed financial goals (finish EF, fund Roth & 25% progress towards house down payment).
  • Learn to play guitar, at least one song well.
  • Get a frigging tattoo already before someone else steps up to tell you it’s a bad idea.
  • Put pieces in place for 2013.

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It’s a new year, I got a new change of gear

Big oneOk. Resolutions! Let’s do this.

Running resolutions for 2014:
Run however many marathons it takes to make me happy (five scheduled thus far).
Finish a couple ultras, including at least one 50 miler.
PR in the half, full and 50K.
Take part in another ultra-style Ragnar or RTB.

Personal resolutions:
Better upkeep of my living environment. Maintain a household clean enough for people to stop by unannounced.
Car maintenance & improvements (get the rear wiper fixed & resolve wiper fluid spray situation).
See all my nieces & nephews at least once a month. The smaller the group, the better (though I’ll still count chaos mobs towards this goal).

Professional resolutions:
Six publications in 2014.
Develop at least one new discrete skill to increase my overall employability.

2 Responses to “It’s a new year, I got a new change of gear”

  1. YJP says:

    In relation to Personal Resolution #1, you should look in to the January Cure over on apartment therapy. In fact, I may just join you in this endeavor – I always want a more streamlined/organized homespace!

  2. nanio says:

    This is a great link YJP, thank you.

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Nine thousand

HypermilersToday it was announced that for 2014, an additional 9000 slots would be opened for the Boston Marathon, bumping the field to 36,000. Registration opens September 9th, leaving two weekends between now and then. At work today I was fiddling around with a list of marathons in that time span. As though I was going to jump in the car, drive off to Canton, Ohio, and fly and die to a qualifying time.

I wish I could do this, honestly & truly. Especially this year. But a man my age who wants to qualify needs to run a 3:10 marathon, a 7:15 split. I’m not there, I’m not that fast. My personal best marathon was my 13th attempt this past April in Nashville, where I ran 3:33:46, an 8:09 split. Even my best half marathon was only 1:35:32, a 7:17 split, still a few seconds per mile too slow. I’m just not fast enough at this point. And even if I was, maybe it still wouldn’t be enough.

I didn’t make any resolutions this year. I have running goals of course, and have been working towards them, but I didn’t take pen to paper and make a new list of objectives to aim for. So here’s a belated 2013 resolution for you, for me. By September 7th, 2014, I will do my absolute best to run a sub-3:10 marathon. My goal moving forward: to qualify for & run Boston in 2015.

2 Responses to “Nine thousand”

  1. Hondo says:

    I know you want to qualify for Boston and that is a noble goal. But, there are other ways to run it. Raising money for a charity is also noble and I would help you with it if you decide you want to try that route.

  2. nanio says:

    Thanks. It may be unrealistic to think I can qualify in the next few years. But I’ll be 45 soon enough, that may be where I hit the sweet spot.

    35-39 3hrs 10min 7:15 min/mile
    40-44 3hrs 15min 7:26 min/mile
    45-49 3hrs 25min 7:49 min/mile
    50-54 3hrs 30min 8:00 min/mile
    55-59 3hrs 40min 8:23 min/mile

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Twenty eleven

This year has not turned out how I expected to so far. Not even a little bit. I’m not prepared to call the whole year a loss quite yet though – it still holds the promise of massive unrealized potential. Towards that end, resolutions for 2011, as recalled by LZ on the way home from Vermont last weekend:

  • Cook 12 guest-worthy dinners
  • Hungarian classes
  • Run a 1/2 marathon in sub-two hours
  • Make (more) short films (24?)
  • Rock hard 6-pack abs (I don’t remember adding this one to the list)
  • Cleaning weekly
  • Salsa lessons
  • Global knife
  • …Japan…

So there’s that, our dreams for 2011, only somewhat censored for fear of emotional over-extension. Hopefully I’ll have more success with all of these (and the unspoken ones in my head) than I did with last year’s. Best of luck with your own resolutions & lives in general, everyone.

One Response to “Twenty eleven”

  1. mikey says:

    3 words. premeditated carpe diem. dont try and plan what you will or won’t do this year. Just be ready to seize the day when the time comes. If you must plan something, then plan to either be a man of action or a man of thought.

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2010: better late than never

Miss Yawns a Lot

With just under 50 weeks left in the year, I finally get around to resolutions.

1) Run 1000 miles in 2010. That’s 20 miles a week from here on out.
2) Run at least one marathon, and one half.
3) Learn to use external lighting. Buy a secondary light source.
4) Acquire a wide angle lens.
5) Turn my 365 into a 730.
6) Eat better. Embrace my inner Michael Pollan.
7) Run the Ragnar.
8) Make Foss Fest 2010 a financial success.
9) Make Jingle Blast III bigger, better somehow.
10) Finish off everything from last year that got left undone. Specifically discrete objectives 5 through 8. And re-embrace all the vague unmeasurable notions.

One Response to “2010: better late than never”

  1. Hondo says:

    I’m glad to hear you are going for 730! A great outlet for your immense skill. Am hoping to provide you with a fascinating subject for a high percentage of your quota.

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The List

I’ve been idly working on a to do list for the greater bay area. Just stuff a person should do while they have the opportunity. Persons briefed on this idea have helpfully suggested a cheap trip to Hawaii from this coast and while I’m sympathetic to the concept this defeats the live local part of my short term goals. So far I’ve got only five items. Any suggestions?

Note that finding the wild parrots is not on the list, but the providence of this semi-random phenomenon is still very much appreciated and was the highlight of today.

Number two peekaboo

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In 2009

Last Light, 2008

Discrete, achievable objectives. Vague unmeasurable notions.
  • Run an (injury-free?) half.
  • Eat at 24 new SF restaurants.
  • Climb in Yosemite.
  • Find a new DSLR.
  • Visit the dentist.
  • Bike (v.).
  • new passport.
  • Refinance the house.
  • Obtain a couch.
  • Foss Fest.
    • Explore the coast.
    • Be less obvious.
    • A new EP project.
    • Talk to strangers.
    • Obtain proficiency.
    • Live flexibly.
    • Remember names.
    • Stay focused.
    • Meet someone kind.
    • Be stronger.

    5 Responses to “In 2009”

    1. hondo says:

      Dig the objectives and notions. Here’s to 2009!

    2. zannejude says:

      Call sisters.

    3. Hondo says:

      Technically, I prefer google video.

    4. nathanael says:

      Google employs a team of psychologists to watch and interpret the emotions of all video chat participants to individually optimize their advertising strategies.

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    Found: Great Summer List

    I spent tonight cleaning as a hedge against inflationary clutter. The one great find of the night was the aforementioned ‘great summer list.’ The list itself is clearly some years old, improvised from a Harpoon UFO beer coaster and bearing a number of different handwriting styles. Forthwith -

    1. Seattle
    2. Florida
    3. Tattoo
    4. EP official 11m
    5. Great Adventure, Jackson NJ
    6. 1000 DVD order
    7. Bombay/Mumbai
    8. Camping in VT w/ G. Limited band practice, excess of controlled/illegal substances.
    9. Kahuna, Ikea, Alpha Fight Club
    10. (here there’s something that looks like the artist former known as Prince symbol)
    11. Relearn Spanish
    12. Puppy for AZ.

    Although I’m not sure I understand all of this, it’s clear that whoever wrote this clearly had their priorities straight.

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    April Resolutions

    After the smashing success of the lowball effort in March, I’m upping the ante in April.

    1) Run 50 miles.
    2) Install ceiling light.
    3) Eat at least one vegetable each week.
    4) One night a week, asleep by 10pm.
    5) Pay off my friggin car loan. (!!!)

    The car being paid off will be made possible by cashing out my vacation hours when I switch jobs later this month. After weighing the relative merits of three weeks vacation vs. no car loan, I’ve decided to sell my soul and sanity to finally own outright the machine that I don’t even need to get to work anymore.

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    It was pointed out to me recently that I hadn’t made explicit my March resolutions. After the abject failure that was February, I lowered my expectations this month to a single resolution: daily photography. You can see the results thusfar here.

    2 Responses to “Mid-March”

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    2. One year on says:

      [...] past Saturday marked the one year anniversary of our photoblog project. In the past year we’ve had a total of 831 submissions from ten [...]

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    February Resolutions

    Annual resolutions don’t do it for me, I can’t follow through. For 2007 I decided to do all my resolutions on a month-by-month basis. Here’s my top four for the short cold month of February.

    1) To bed by 10pm twice a week.

    2) 10 new job applications.

    3) 4 grants.

    4) 1 paying design gig.

    One Response to “February Resolutions”

    1. [...] recently that I hadn’t made explicit my March resolutions. After the abject failure that was February, I lowered my expectations this month to a single resolution: daily photography. You can see the [...]

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