It’s been a long day.

It's been a long day.

This photo pretty much sums up today, the last week for me.

So many things I’ve been meaning to finish that I can’t pull it together to get done.

I’m sorry if I haven’t returned your call or email. It’s not you – I haven’t called anyone back.

Vague objectives for 2012:

  • Act purposefully.
  • Take initiative for positive change.
  • Follow through, finish what you start.
  • Faster, move lightly.
  • Find professional satisfaction, whatever the means.
  • Simplify.

Specific resolutions for 2012:

  • Be a better uncle. Be mentally present.
  • Six times 26.2.
  • One road race every month.
  • PR in a half & full.
  • Ragnar.
  • More reading, less TV.
  • Meet or exceed financial goals (finish EF, fund Roth & 25% progress towards house down payment).
  • Learn to play guitar, at least one song well.
  • Get a frigging tattoo already before someone else steps up to tell you it’s a bad idea.
  • Put pieces in place for 2013.

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