It’s bigger than you

Reservoir Trail @ the Fells
There’s been so little natural light in my life of late – my work weeks have been a cycle of dark to dark, and a considerable mental challenge has been to get off the bus for the gym & it’s neverending treadmill. This week the best of those runs was a fairly intense mile repeats workout Wednesday. This weekend was better – I managed to get outside twice, hitting the Reservoir trail at the Fells again with TARC folk Saturday early then running my long in Worcester this afternoon. Despite starting that “early” at 1:30 or so, the sun was still setting when I made it back into the warm. Unreal. Solstice is still a month away.

This coming week is short at work with Thanksgiving Thursday. I’ll have the Gobble Gobble Gobble to start that day. The big forthcoming event is the TARC Fells Trail Ultra Winter 32 miler, two weeks on.


Song of the week, Experience the Jewel by Wintersleep.

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