New Nephew Wednesday

It’s not really my place to live-blog (yet at least). But still, I can link stuff, right? Updates later today.

1:24am – Can’t sleep. This pops up in my RSS reader.

6:07am – Get text messages saying things are rolling.

7:32am – I hear a car accident across the street, in the same parking spot where I got hit & run a few years ago. The perpetrator left a note which foils my urge for urban vigilantism (I got his plate!!). Plan: crash the hospital pushed back 15 minutes.

7:55am – !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! welcome, IDP!!!

8:45am – Mt Auburn a surprisingly long walk from Harvard. And/or I am lazy.

9:21am – Tangle with nurses. I am not to be trusted. OUTSIDE. My dad still hasn’t seen him.

There he be!

9:23am – We’re texting pictures from my iPhone taken with my mom’s camera. Funny fun stuff. He has a face.

10:48am – They brought him by for 15 seconds. Then whisked him away to re-decontamination.

Oh boy you really made him mad now.

11:18am – Finally in. Awesome little dude. We’re going to be friends.

Noon – I’m out, hondo’s in. Peace out ya’ll.

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