On the seventh day, we will rest.

I dang near got splooshed
Here are five more weeks of training accountability as we approach the looming Baltimore Running Festival. This span includes some interesting runs – 21 miles along Chicago lakefront (pictured above), 20 miles to Castle Island assisted in parts by the rest of Team HB, a 1/10th marathon river run as part of my 35th birthday & today’s BAA Half Marathon. Week 15 was marred by illness but I’ve moved past that and won’t begrudge the few days off that had to be taken.

The marathon itself is six day hence, Saturday the 15th, starting at 8am. I’m going to try again to get Glympse to sync to Facebook if you’re interested in tracking along. Until then, short runs & rest, no twisting of the ankles. I’m mostly trying not to psyche myself out mentally at this point.

Paint trails

MILEAGE UPDATE: weeks 13 through 17 (of 18)
Week 13 Actual Goal
Weekly 39 43
Three week rolling average 37.8 41
Week 14 Actual Goal
Weekly 35.3 35
Three week rolling average 37 38
Week 15 Actual Goal
Weekly 33 43
Three week rolling average 35.8 40.3
Week 16 Actual Goal
Weekly 35.4 32
Three week rolling average 34.6 36.7
Week 17 Actual Goal
Weekly 26.1 24
Three week rolling average 31.5 33

Six days to go.

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