Revel in my syrup collection!


I went up to Vermont this weekend (forgoing both my Saturday and Sunday runs), so pre-emptively, the miles below are mega-suckage.

Things I learned up on the farm:

1) Maple syrupin’ season is over for the year. You’re all too late.
2) Wide angle lenses (#4, check!) rock my socks. Particularly useful for covered bridges.
3) NH is considerably less attractive than VT.
4) Hungarians get really excited about Tokaji.
5) There is a limit to the amount of sharpness I want in my cheddar cheese. The 8-year “rat trap” sample? Too strong.
6) I’m not embarrassed to admit I drink my tea from a dainty cup.
7) Pygmy goats are less evil than the normal sized buggers.
8) Maija may very possibly (and lamentably) have it in for my parents.

MILEAGE UPDATE: April 5-April 11
Miles to date Past week Three week average Annual pace Miles to go
134.4 11.1 15.9 485.7 865.6

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