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Managed to bite it in the least dignified manner possible tonight crossing the North Harvard bridge tonight as I was trying to pass a gr... posted 3 days ago

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Sox & likes

Storm clearing

To preface: it’s still early. But as of this morning the Red Sox are behind both the Kansas City Royals and the Washington Nationals in terms of winning percentage. While this may make some turncoats happy, it does not make me.

I'm going to assume this is an attempt at irony.

But regardless, a great ticket at no cost to myself makes for a reasonably pleasant evening, even if the bats didn’t show up and we had some fielding issues (it should not be possible to bunt yourself to third). Buchholz pitched great! The game itself was even better in that the 70% chance of thunderstorms proved to be an empty threat as they moved off to the south.

Unrelatedly – I’m testing out the new Facebook like button on the photoblog. I’m not sure if this is going to stay up or not, but am curious what people think about it. We had been using WP Likes but that plugin is frustrating in that you can’t tell who favorited something. The new facebook button (courtesy of ajb{log} works pretty well, though I’m not particularly pleased that it shows both first and last names on the posts. Facebook may support full non-anonymity but I don’t think the rest of us are quite there yet.

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