Waiting (the hardest part)

Go Runners! You can go it Guncle!

I’ve not mentioned it here but the (only!) active topic of conversation of conversation amongst my people these days has been about the new nephew on the way. If you’re curious, the status of that situation is being updated in real-time here.

So while we’re waiting, my previously instances of becoming an uncle.

Most recently, Isaac.

Prior to that, Ebster.

A few years before that, Lily Bug.

Preceding this blog, Victoria.

Lastly, the earliest I could find of little Isabelle.

Small ones


I was hanging with the baby nieces today, playing with their new toys and watching them sky off the back of the couch, body-slam each other into momentary bursts of tears before returning the favor to the next smaller sister. The best of their gift loot wasn’t from Christmas but was something Suzanne gave Victoria for her birthday earlier this month – the walking, roaring, biting dinosaur. This is a very uncle-type gift to give a four year old girl so am glad the aunts are stepping up in that department (given my absence). Isabelle got a new & hopefully more sturdy camera so maybe we’ll see some of life from her perspective on the photo blog in the future. They decided my earrings meant I was a pirate and I almost convinced them the adults they knew were all pro-pirate and in opposition to the evil Peter Pan. All in all terribly cute, up to and including when their mother told them they wouldn’t see me in a long while prompting Victoria to give me a big hug and blue-eyed stare and asks me if they’ll see me in heaven. Hopefully not that long, small ones.