Lil’ Man Tate

My Boy Joys!

You may have noticed some goings on over on the photoblog, an instantaneous shift of focus from the random day-to-day to a single small young one. The short of it is my nephew count has clicked up a notch from two to three, bringing gender balance to my extended family’s offspring and obviating the need for me to have a boy of my own to even the scales. The newest North Ender, Tate Marcus, was born Saturday morning, is doing well, growing braver if not bigger already and experiencing a dizzying array of firsts (sky! carseats! cousins!) in his first week on earth. As of this writing his tag only has eight hits, but honestly it’s the only contender on the whole site with the growth potential to surpass the current numbers 1 & 2 (Eben with 918 hits, Steven with 444). Poor little Isaac (with 293) could very well be lapped within the month. The Ipswich girls, of course, are at a fundamental disadvantage given the late adoption of smartphone technology up in the frigid northland.

When Eben was born, I expressed some ill-defined aspirations towards introducing mild corruption into the system*. What I honestly failed to anticipate at that point was the sheer destructive force of nature bound within small nephews, somehow inherent to their fundamental being. So for new nephew #3, I’ll instead hope to find myself more often than not to be on the side of the enemies of entropy, demonstrating creation rather than destruction. I now know how this game is played – I’ll build the block towers up, you can knock them down forever.

Anyway. Welcome, new child. The brotherly footsteps you’ll follow in are small but boundlessly energetic, I hope you can keep up.

*Note this may or may not come to fruition yet. Give me another 15 years.

Again, again.

And there he is!

So I’ve got this new nephew. This is the first male born into our family in quite some time (and first new kid in almost three years). Historically my extended family has trended towards an abundance of girls (I have only nieces, sisters & blood aunts, and very few male first or second cousins). So this little guy is more than welcome to help reset the ratio. As he’s only a small number of hours old, he’s a bit of a blank slate right now, perfectly inable to refuse our various projections on what kind of future he’ll end up having. In reality we really have no friggin clue about what kind of kid he is or will want to grow up to be. Knowing his parents though, I’m guessing he’ll end up making upright choices more often than not, be more capable then me, ably skilled in the practical and yet well aware of the range of big possibilities an aware life offers. Is it possible that I can contribute some small random influence into his life that might lead him in interesting directions? I hope so. The electric guitar awaits.

Anyways, there is he, Eben Samuel. Mad props on making it safely thusfar little dude.