Lil’ Man Tate

You may have noticed some goings on over on the photoblog, an instantaneous shift of focus from the random day-to-day to a single small young one. The short of it is my nephew count has clicked up a notch from two to three, bringing gender balance to my extended family’s offspring and obviating the need […]

And speaking of new websites

My new baby nephew has one of his own, which they’ve foolishly given me administrative access to. Anyway, I’m pretty sure you know I’m right when I say you need more baby blogs in your life. So do it, do it now.

Again, again.

So I’ve got this new nephew. This is the first male born into our family in quite some time (and first new kid in almost three years). Historically my extended family has trended towards an abundance of girls (I have only nieces, sisters & blood aunts, and very few male first or second cousins). So […]