One less than five and one more than three.

During my long run Saturday I was indulging in a small amount of self-pity type thinking about Sunday’s Mad Marathon, a race I drove up to Vermont to run last year. This year I didn’t sign up, and hadn’t felt particularly compelled to add on at the last minute. I’ve been having problems maintaining pace […]

Lil’ Man Tate

You may have noticed some goings on over on the photoblog, an instantaneous shift of focus from the random day-to-day to a single small young one. The short of it is my nephew count has clicked up a notch from two to three, bringing gender balance to my extended family’s offspring and obviating the need […]

Waiting (the hardest part)

I’ve not mentioned it here but the (only!) active topic of conversation of conversation amongst my people these days has been about the new nephew on the way. If you’re curious, the status of that situation is being updated in real-time here. So while we’re waiting, my previously instances of becoming an uncle. Most recently, […]

New Nephew Wednesday

It’s not really my place to live-blog (yet at least). But still, I can link stuff, right? Updates later today. 1:24am – Can’t sleep. This pops up in my RSS reader. 6:07am – Get text messages saying things are rolling. 7:32am – I hear a car accident across the street, in the same parking spot […]

Again, again.

So I’ve got this new nephew. This is the first male born into our family in quite some time (and first new kid in almost three years). Historically my extended family has trended towards an abundance of girls (I have only nieces, sisters & blood aunts, and very few male first or second cousins). So […]