To dine, alone, to build a private zone


This week has been a little bit of a recovery week, stepping slowly back into things as the marathon pains fade away. Notable runs of the week – Thursday I met up with some people I’m planning to run a Reach the Beach ultra with in May. They seemed pretty cool. Yesterday I did a solid 7.3 mucking about with iSmoothRun Pro (more on that once a bit more testing is done). And today I met up with Hondo for the middle part of my snowy long run. My mother (normally a wise woman) said yesterday that she thought winter’s back was broken, but after having spent a few hours today with snow blasting me in the face, I’ll have to disagree.

Hey and speaking of marathons, the Country Music Marathon in Nashville is 9 weeks from yesterday! Let’s hit it YJP.

Song of the week, The Official Ironmen Ralley Song by Guided by Voices.

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