We’ll defuse bombs, walk marathons, and take on whatever, together.

Kind of a difficult running week, finishing up 12 of 18 for the Green Bay Marathon. I did the 20 mile long run I mentioned missing last week on Saturday but I think I didn’t fuel properly because I crashed into the pretty-damned-real-feeling-for-a-metaphor brick wall three quarters of the way through. Hondo says you have to take the good with the bad and expect the occasional bad long run along the way but there’s got to be something more scientific than that I can do to prevent this from happening in a race. More fluids, more sleep, more Gu, less booze (if that’s even possible). I don’t know. I’ll try again next weekend. Really the only good part of the 20 was the buck I found blowing along Memorial Drive between miles 12 & 13.

Looking at the week as a whole though, I was really quite happy with my tempo run on Wednesday, where I hit 8.6 miles in just under an hour, a sub-7:00 split. This is the longest run I’ve sustained this pace. My goal for the next few Wednesdays is to repeat this effort until it comes easier.

Next Sunday is the BAA 5K which I’m pretty sure I can pop a PR without crashing, considering I’ve never raced that distance before. And day after that, it’s our elite fluids volunteer gig for the big show, the Boston Marathon. Somehow, someway, VK’s almost to his fundraising target – we’re looking forward to cheering him on, if we can figure out which side of the course both he and we will be on.

Song of the week, one of my favorites and a new arrival on the marathon long run mix, Grandaddy, A.M. 180.

One thought on “We’ll defuse bombs, walk marathons, and take on whatever, together.”

  1. My other running pal, LD, and I always had this saying about our runs. “There are good days, and there are bad days”. It ends there. I had to make her remind me of that this weekend, when I had a really frustrating bad run. They crop up, and have seemingly little significance in the grand scheme. The good news is, I think the adrenaline and whatever else amps us up on race day protects against these randomly bad training days. Trust me, I’m a doctor, it’s just the way it is!

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